Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week Eight Update

This week's focus has been Passion (learning how to knit) and Organization (the studio). Sunday I started a beginner's knitting class and this is the lovely creation so far!! Woohoo! I know how to knit...can't believe those words just came forth from me! Well, okay it's not a masterpiece, but you can see the scarf taking shape (: Not bad for a first attempt. Knit and purl are the first steps and I can't wait to learn more!

Now...Welcome to my chaos!! This is the one room of the house that I will not allow people to enter. Why show the dirty laundry, eh? But part of breaking out of old habits is being accountable. When we hide the dark places, they tend to stay the same. So I'm letting the light shine in and exposing my studio. Isn't it sad? Bless its heart (: It's been neglected for so long.

Can't believe I'm sharing this before shot! I'll be posting more photos as the makeover continues. If you've been following along, purging has taken place in this space for a few weeks and it's amazing how long this process is taking! There are so many unfinished projects and ideas sprawled in every corner that it can be overwhelming!

The key to moving forward is to take small bits at a time. The preference would be to move everything out and then add things back in as the purge marches on, but this would spread the mess into the rest of the house.

So each day another box, a pile of papers, a bin of projects in progress comes into the living room for sorting. Once enough floor space is cleared then the furniture can be moved to its final destination. I'll keep you posted as things move along (:

If you've got a messy space you're working on, I'd love to hear about your progress!

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  1. looks eerily similar to my office on and off since we moved in last May - i'm getting closer to having it all nice and tidy - you will too!

    and the semi-tidy state i have currently feels soooo good after the on and off chaos :)

  2. I feel redeemed! (see my "room of doom" pics on facebook - katey duck...

    You are a hero for sharing & sorting! WOW!

    Keep it up :)

    katey duck

  3. Deb, you'll have to post photos of your office when you get past the semi-tidy stage. Thanks for the encouragement (:

    Katey - LOVE the "room of doom"!!! My sister!! tee-hee (: You have just made my day! Can't wait for you guys to see the next photos.

  4. I have the same problem I might be brave enough to post mine this weekend. My problem is I start over thinking everything.

  5. Ooooooo, I have shelf envy. Those are awesome!

  6. I hate clutter so I'm pretty good about purging but I live with 1 packrat and 2 slobs. I am trying to encourage them as much as possible. I did lose my cool a few weeks ago. I threw everything out of my daughter's room Into the hallway and made 3 piles: keep, give away and throw away. My mini challenge for this week is to tackle drawers.

  7. April, I was in the same place...getting stuck in rethinking everything! It really does help to work one box at a time in another room. That way I'm not looking at the mess that is still yet to be organized. Good luck!

    Fiddler's Wife - got those at my beloved IKEA (:

    Joan, you are so funny!! I like your idea of a mini challenge. So smart to tackle little things at a time. By end of the year tons of things are done!!

    Thanks for the link Katy XOXO (:


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