Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week Five Update

This past week has been a challenging one. I suspected change was in the air, but had no idea this was in store. My Mom's beloved cat Charlie passed away Thursday and the house hasn't been the same since. We had no idea he was sick, but his condition progressed from a visit to the vet on Wednesday to his passing on Thursday.

Mom adopted Charlie when a co-worker was trying to find a home for him. He had been abandoned by his owner and was cast out to fend for himself. How in the world someone could close their hearts and home to this little snuggle bunny I will never understand.

Charlie fast became a fixture in our home and my two little doxies loved him so. They would snuggle together on the pups pillows in front of the fireplace and of course shared meal times together. The above photo is the crew waiting for their morning vittles.

Mom adopted Charlie two months after my Father passed away and he helped to heal a spot in our hearts that ached from loss. His gentle touches, playful pounces, window nestling and chattering meows will be missed. Now our hearts turn to heal from the loss we feel from his passing. It's amazing how the little furry members of our families can have so much of our hearts.

"The eyes of the Lord are on me, and His ears are open to my cry...When I cry out, the Lord hears, and delivers me out of all my troubles." ~ Psalm 34:15,17

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Animals really hit us in the heart and their loss can often be incredibly painful. hugs.

  2. Thanks so much (: We've had so many wonderful neighbors come by to say they miss him sitting in the windows keeping watch. Thanks for the hugs (:

  3. I'm sorry to hear of Charlie's passing - I know our Miss Trixie means so much to us we will miss her when she moves on - your pictures of Charlie are great and will hopefully bring you much comfort - as will your memories!

  4. Thank you so much (: Our times together will always be happy ones (:

  5. sorry. We have a gray cat, too.

  6. Thanks Joan...

    It was so sweet, our vet sent several sympathy cards as well as a round plaque they made by casting Charlie's little paw prints along with his name stamped across the top. They were wonderful through everything (:


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