Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week Seven Update

This last week has been one of reflection. I naturally have an adventurous spirit, but the last 12 years has taken a chunk out of my spontaneous moods, not to mention my waistline! The outdoors seems to bring the adventurousness out in me. I love to be in God's beautiful long as I can get clean and bugs don't get caught in my hair (:

I used to go river rock jumping, repelling, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, rollerblading, skiing, camping, body rafting (not the smartest of outdoor sports) and really anything that embraced nature. I was even making plans to go sky diving, although did manage to change my mind on that one (: But when you're caring for an ill relative your focus shifts in a new direction. One that brings all of your attention to their needs and doing anything you can to make things better for them.

Then once that focus is no longer needed, it's easy to stay in the same mode without noticing that you're stuck in neutral. Plus, city living doesn't give a lot of room for star gazing or the watching of fireflies (light pollution) and the sounds of cars whizzing by can drown out the symphony of bullfrogs and crickets in the night air. So I didn't even realize how much the simple treats of nature were missing from my life until I took my first knitting class today. Imagine that!

I know it sounds strange. How can a knitting class reconnect your spirit to the outdoors? This class was yet another step into the journey of embracing a new way of doing things this year. I've always wanted to learn how to knit and decided, why wait? So I found a wonderful beginners knitting group with an awesomely patient teacher and LOVE it! The feeling I get when I do something new and fun is exhilarating. After much satisfaction at learning this long sought after craft, I realized this was the same feeling I experienced on passed nature adventures.

So as I move forward, I'll seek new ways to reconnect with my outdoor spirit and bring that passion back into my daily walk.

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