Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Step on The Simplifying Journey

The boob tube, idiot box, attention grabber, telly...yes, the beloved TV. We grew up with one in our living room and the small black and white model that came with its own rolling cart stayed in my parent's room - the same kind seen on The Dick Van Dyke Show. At that time it was out of the ordinary to have more than one TV. Today it seems every room of the house must have one, including the rooms of small children! There are many benefits of television, but so many downfalls. Reality TV...need I say more!!

The key is to be mindful about this free-time activity. Really think about what you're bringing into your mind. How is it affecting your day? Does it change your mood? Does what you're watching move you forward or cause you to step back into old patterns?

I've used TV in the past to drown out thoughts. I'm one of those people who can be inspired by EVERYTHING and as a result have constant thoughts of ideas and possible projects floating around my head that can be a total distraction from getting anything accomplished. Not to mention the annoying factor of sharing possibility after possibility with those around me (:

I may see a statue and it inspires a new jewelry design, or a magazine article may motivate a new project in the living room...even a rough patch of road can somehow bring forth a solution to a recipe challenge in the kitchen! I kid you not!

In the past TV has been used to drown out these thoughts - keeping it on in the background seemed to help gain focus on what was at hand. I know this sounds absolutely nuts, but it worked for me. Since that time meditation has greatly changed how I process things and centering has lifted the mental clutter. I no longer watch as much TV and it's wonderful to just sit, work and hear the silence (: Now an entire day can pass by without the TV filling the airwaves. Ahh....silence. Such a blessing.

Altering this one practice has brought much change into other areas of life and increased the simple pleasure of truly listening to what is around me. I still enjoy television, but in its proper place...thank goodness quality programming is at an all time low so there really isn't much to watch (: I stick with the news, a few comedy/mystery shows and do-it-yourself programs. If I had to choose a favorite it would be Psych...LOVE the quick wit and 80's references (:

So here's a challenge - reduce the TV watching and let me know how it affects the simplicity in your life. Maybe you've already cut out television. How has it changed things in your home? I'd love hear (:

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