Saturday, March 6, 2010

Studio Update

Well, much better! Instead of looking like a bomb went off, it just looks like a messy room (: This is the second phase of Project Studio - clearing the floor and purging.

The credenza (in the left of the upper photo) will be moved into the closet to free up wall space to hang magnetic calendars and white boards. I'm visual and having design boards, inspirations and time charts in clear view will keep me on task.

I can't believe the glass doors are actually closed and you can see the floor! Once the furniture is moved where it should be, white wainscoting will go up and the rest of the walls will be changed from that dark olive into a soft teal. I've heard this color stimulates creativity (:

The door was removed from the walk-in closet and replaced with a curtain. A desk will be set up in front of the window and a curtain will allow better closet access.

I didn't want this makeover to cost anything so supplies and paint left over from other projects is all that will be used. A desk will be created by separating the white stacked filing cabinets (in the right side of the upper photo) and attaching a large sheet of MDF on top for a worksurface. Voila! Instant desk (:

For added storage an extra bookcase that wouldn't fit in the hall will be placed where the filing cabinets used to be. This will hold all of my work manuals, supply catalogs and brochures, keeping them out of the hall library.

I'll post more photos as things progress and some how-to instructions for specific projects like making the desk and installing the exciting!!!

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  1. You have great ideas! I am inspired and intrigued. Can't wait to see what you come up with and the final picture. WOW! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks GREAT! Nice containers--so much better than my mismatched furniture! Maybe someday...

  3. Thanks so much Sari! Can't wait to post the updated photos (:

    Linda, you are sweet! One way to make your furniture match is to paint it all the same color. The style really doesn't matter...a coat of semi-gloss white or black makes it all come together. Simple fix on an tight budget (:


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