Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Mother's Day...a time when we pull back to really focus on Mom and the legacy she offers. I wanted to share a little bit about the lovely ladies in my life and the blessings they have so greatly given.

I have the pleasure of sharing living quarters with mine and even though our space can get pretty small, pretty fast, we're doing just fine. The picture above reminds me of the many talks and times shared enjoying God's beautiful nature.

Mom and I moved in together many years ago to ease the financial challenge of caring for my Grandmother. What was a necessity at the time, turned into a huge blessing later down the road. You see, Mom and I have always had this up and down relationship. I don't even want to mention the teenage years! She handed down "The Mother's Curse" long ago..."I hope you have a daughter just like you some day...then you'll understand." My word! I hope that one passes me by! We love each other, but can drive each other crazy in the same breath. I suppose it's like that with all Moms and Daughters.

Years later Grandmother moved in and joined our household of merriment after being unable to live on her own. Now, for three head strong and independent women, this was no easy task. Mom and I experienced our own moments of butting heads because she has one way of doing things and I have another...and now an additional woman with the same stubborn streak was entering the space. Oh my!

But something magical happened while these three generations of women were living under the same roof. Grandmother and I talked like we had never talked before. She began to share things never touched in the past. It gave me an awesome view through the window of her eyes and I began to see both my Mother and Grandmother for the women they were...flawed, beautiful, inspiring strong women who made good choices as well as bad ones just like everyone else. I took notice of the legacy offered by each one...the many, many lessons to be learned from their walk down life's pathway.

Grandmother had the uncanny ability to lighten the very energy of a room with her presence. She saw the heart of people and loved others no matter how she was treated. She embraced life with gusto and could laugh with a passion like I've never seen!! Grandmother had the best sense of humor and wasn't afraid to show it! If you didn't have a good belly laugh at least once every other day around her, you weren't paying attention! She lived with grace, honor, courage and love.

Mom is just like Grandmother in so many ways. That same energy of love and grace abounds and you feel warmer just sharing the same space! I feel so lucky to have the Mom I do...she's an open book, not afraid to admit her mistakes, loves to make the simple, everyday things special and cares for others with an unconditional love that could only compare to the saints (: She's also a hoot to hang around! Don't get us out in public when we're tired, because the laughter at absolutely nothing won't stop until one of us falls over!

Yes, she's fun and wild and I've been so blessed to spend the last few years really getting to know her.So as this special time of Mother's Day approaches, I thank these beautiful, strong women for loving me, supporting me, inspiring me, guiding me, for being the incredible women that they are and for being my best friends!!

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