Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Fifteen Update

Well, today was the perfect Sunday. Church at 8:00am, then breakfast with Mom and a lovely Sunday tour of the country side. Fort Mill is about 8 miles from my apartment and what a lovely place it is. I go there to think, get quiet and take in the beauty of small town living.

I also buy our raw milk there, buy farm fresh veggies there, get gas there (can save about 20-25 cents a gallon getting SC gas instead of NC gas), go to church there, visit the Asian Bistro there (they have a fabulous gluten-free Thai menu!!), walk the trails amongst the peach trees while watching the horses prance about and dream of one day moving there.

You see, it's home in my heart and has been calling my name for quite some time. But timing is the key word here. So as I wait and listen for that inner voice to share when the time is right, I simply visit and dream of one day moving home (:

Now...on to the update! This last week has been about getting things together. Spring is in full swing and spring cleaning begins! I'm still working on the studio makeover and moving at a slower than desirable pace, but things are still getting done. I was hoping to post some new designs, but I still have more work to do and hope to have that completed within the next few days.

The one thing I'm totally jazzed about is my garden! Yes, I said garden!! Living in an apartment does put a cramp on accessible outdoor space, but there's enough room on my deck for an iron bistro set and some veggies (: And you guessed it, the veggies I'm talking about are the lovelies in the photo above. I doesn't look like much does it? It will be a modest "garden" but it's mine and I'm so tickled I can't stand it (:

I've got a green and yellow pepper plant, a couple of tomatoes (the Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato suggested by my fellow gardening guru Carole) and a cucumber to top it off. My Grandfather would be turning over in his grave if he knew how long it's been since his granddaughter's hands have been in some earth to grow her own food!!

Mom has fond childhood memories of going to their truck farm...oops! Translation time - their home did not have enough space for a "respectable garden" so Granddaddy leased land down the road and each morning the family would hop in the truck and head off to the farm...hence the name "truck farm." That was my mother's creation and it stuck (:

I can still see Granddaddy's dark blue 1951 Chevrolet pickup sitting in the drive next to his prize rose bushes and I'd love to have one just like it...sigh...Another dream for another day (: So I'm trying my hand at patio gardening in honor of my Grandfather.

Our deck gets TONS of sun, but I'm not quite used to container gardening yet so playing it by ear will be a big factor. I'll pass along the progress and share some yummy recipes when harvest time comes (:

I also have another project in the works....Mondays will now be known as Makeover Mondays. I'll post photos of beautiful rooms and show you how to achieve the same design for less by making items yourself and buying low cost alternatives. If you have any pictures stored away of your favorite designs, send them over and I'd be happy to do a low cost makeover using your pics for the Monday post!

So, is having a Makeover Monday a good idea? Would you be interested in this being a regular post? I'd love to know what you think (:

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  1. hi,
    i found you via whisper wood cottage and am a new follower.
    i love raw milk and wish we could get it in ny but the "laws" don't allow it. i had my first taste while in pa two yrs ago and it was divine. so...we choose organic milk and cream on top yogurt to get as close as possible.

    living simply is my goal and i am trying to make changes based on where i'm at right now...too much blog stalking and not enough productive time in the real world...ugh! for one, the spring weather is helping me to get refocused and outside.
    i loved amy's got me thinking too.
    judi ;)

  2. I'm glad that you found my blog, which gave me the opportunity to find yours! Hello! I'll be interested to read about the success of your container garden. I tried tomatoes in containers last year and didn't have any luck, although this was mostly my fault as I'm sure I didn't give them the attention that they needed. I've moved on to raised beds in the backyard this year, so we'll see how that goes! :)

  3. Love that Chevy truck! I'll be anxious to hear about your garden. My Mom only uses containers now for tomatoes, etc. She does very well! Blessings.

  4. OH LOOK AT YOU! Beautiful plants! Make sure you have good drainage in those containers - line the bottom with newspaper, and put some gravel OR packing peanuts in the bottom. And thanks for the link! Now everyone can watch us kill our plants together!

  5. Wonderful to see you Judi! Wasn't Amy's post great!! I hopped over to your blog and immediately became a fan (: LOVE your latest Craigslist find...I suggested a couple of names to add to your list.

    So glad you stopped by Courtney! Hopefully I'll have the luck of Rosie's Mom's container gardening efforts. We'll see (:

    Carole!! You nut (: We're not going to be killing anything...hopefully. Thanks for the newspaper suggestion. Totally forgot about that! Grow, baby, grow!!!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, Peach Blossom Hill and leaving a comment. We may suck you into the world of miniatures. I've been perusing your blog and as you would like to write as I would as well, you might like to read Bailey White's two books of essays, Mama Makes Up Her Mind and Sleeping at the Starlite Motel (if you haven't already done so). You are not to far away from me--I am in Inman, SC and went to college at Winthrop in Rock Hill near Fort Mill. Thanks again for visiting my blog!



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