Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week Fourteen Update

Last week has been a busy one filled with new designs crafted and more on their way to come... not to mention patiently waiting projects that have yearned for completion, finally coming to a close. The focus for last week was organization and health and surprising turns have made an appearance. I'm a creative, go-with-the-flow kinda gal and too much structure doesn't necessarily agree with the inner workings of my spirit...or so I thought (:

Life is a balance and has its own sort of rhythm that keeps us in check. This allows us the foresight to know when good things are ahead and also provides intuitive senses when we might be on the wrong path. It's our choice to listen to these quiet insights and be guided accordingly. I love how our Father has given us these instincts to help us through what can sometimes be a chaotic life.

As I get quiet and begin to pay attention to the inner workings of my soul, the need for structure hit me by surprise (: As the week began a to-do list was created filled with new and old projects left to be done. As the list was made, an estimated time was associated with each task and a time limit of 10 hours each day to get things done. This would assist in seeing how long it might take to get everything accomplished since gauging time seems to be a challenge.

A list for each day was compiled based on the time needed for individual projects. It was quite exhilarating to see a formal plan...until the first day went by with nothing checked off...and then another day...what is going on here? This list was supposed to help complete things, not avoid them!

Then I realized...the structure of a list was needed, but not the time. The time was throwing me off. The time allotted for each project was a guess at best. See, when I set forth to accomplish things, I go for it! I just do it! Whether it takes 2 hours or 18, I just keep going until the task is completed. So knowing how long a project takes is totally off my radar.

But this isn't how life works...knowing the path we are walking is part of that rhythm. There are times when 18 hours straight is not conducive to normal living. Balance...that's the key. I realized that I've been an "all or nothing" kind of person, which can be good at times, but not the best way to live life.

I'm sure most of you are saying, duh, but I'm on a learning curve here (: And so I kept the list and removed the estimated time. The new list was a total list at days time assigned...just a pure list starting with the project I think will take the least amount of doing and going through to the one that might take the most. As projects are completed a time is written in as to how long it ACTUALLY took so this can assist in project completion down the road (: And you know....I started to see those magical little checks appearing next to each line...checks of satisfying.

So the need for structure was met as well as the need for non-restrictive creative flow. This works for me. Might not for everyone, but it's bringing the balance so greatly missed in this area.

Now on to the health focus...this is really exciting! My creative side needs slight structure, with the ability to change as inspiration hits, but my health is a totally different story (: I've started carving out a specific time of the day to walk and it's done wonders! I have certain times of the day to walk the pups for their potty breaks, but the power walk was kinda put in there whenever...which sometimes meant never (:

I didn't realize how much I missed these times of being in nature. Living in the city I ache for nature time. But to my surprise I had no idea that just down the road there lives this beautiful green space filled with trees, flowers and a small lake. Oh, my spirit now each day a hike is in the "schedule." And with that has brought extra weight loss. I haven't been focusing on loosing weight because in the past that has created a block, so my focus is sugar, no wheat, lots of fruits and veggies, healthy meats (no pork, wild/organic/free-range only), raw milk, raw cheeses, some lovely raw nuts and nut butters and only tea and water. With this I have now lost over 24 pounds and that's without even trying to loose weight.

Which again proves that what is focused upon is brought closer. If we focus on the fact that we need to loose weight, the need to loose weight will be brought closer. If we focus on the bad relationship, the bad relationship will be brought closer. Just by changing our thoughts and our focus we can actually bring forth what we need. So focus on good health, good relationships, good business, love, faith and mercy and see those things abound in your world in way you never imagined before (:

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