Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Love Affair with Slipcovers

I can't imagine ever purchasing a sofa that doesn't come slipcover equipped (: Just the thought of jelly covered hands or furry little paws near a surface that can't be thrown in the washing machine makes my heart skip a beat!

Years ago when it was time to get a new sofa, the only possible choice was the classic Vintage Vogue series by Ballard Designs. This is one of their most popular lines and should be around for a while. The neat thing is that if new covers are ever needed, there are no worries about finding the right size.

A friend of mine asked why in the world I wanted a white sofa and ottoman. "Isn't it hard keeping everyone off so things stay tidy?" Kids and pups are forever in our living room and getting comfy is mandatory (: White or off-white slipcovers are the easiest to keep clean. Just a little bleach or peroxide in the wash and they look brand spankin' new!

IKEA offers a very affordable option with several colors and styles. I think even Wal-Mart and Target sell slipcovered sofas and chairs. Easy on the eyes and on the budget!

Not only do slipcovers help to keep things clean and fresh, but they offer a simple way to modify your design and with just a small investment. Change your mood? Change your slipcover! Have one set for Fall/Winter and another color for Spring/Summer.

My favorite thing is to have a neutral space with pops of color. If your walls are a rich neutral tone, the simple act of switching out curtains, pillows, rugs, accessories or slipcovers can totally transform the space with little effort or money. Keep you eyes out for great finds at yard sales, The Salvation Army, bargain bins and those seasonal change-outs can cost even less!

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  1. Hi dear friend. I have not vanished - just need to take a break from writing and sharing our news. Ugh.. but I do come on here and read about yours :) Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. Sari, it's so good to hear from you (: I was worried about you, my friend. Breaks from the computer are good from time to time. Take care of yourself and shoot me an email if you need to chat (:


  3. I absolutely want to curl up on that middle couch w/ a mug of coffee and a good book!

  4. Thanks for your comment and for following! Regarding slipcovers, I too love the look. Lately I've been seeing all these beautiful DIY slipcovers all over blogland...I'm gonna try one too, just you wait.


  5. I love slipcovered sofas, especially in a soft linen or cotton. I also love to decorate with accents, such as zebra prints, and fun patterns to add life and change them on a whim.


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