Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sometimes It's Just About Staying the Course

It's been a while since a weekly update has been posted and the thought of amending that little decision is being considered. Each post is actually an update in itself and a weekly summary seems redundant. This year is about learning and experiencing things in a new way and sometimes that means changing the game plan (: The idea was to post the exciting things that were taking place each week so I could see my progress, but some weeks aren't so exciting.

A new journey can be filled with peaks and valleys, twists and turns, but sometimes the path can just be straight and narrow. You can see your next destination straight ahead, but it's a long stretch of path and there's LOTS of hard work along the way.

The last several weeks have been a little crazy. I was accepted as a contributing columnist to Blissfully Domestic, I'm preparing for the She Speaks Conference, making plans to revamp this blog, decided to take my diaper cake shop Simply Baby Cakes back online, and will reopen Natural esSCENTials in the next few weeks. Whew!

So much of the hard work done in previous months is now taking shape, but all at the same time! I know where I'm headed, but just trying to make sure the blessings aren't missed because of the busyness. One of the saving graces has been organization. My studio is finally coming together and it's been wonderful to have a place solely for work. That way the door can be closed when a much needed break is in order.

I was hoping to splash fresh new paint on the walls first, but will reserve that project for another day. Getting worksurfaces and whiteboards in place helped to move other projects along faster and painting would have slowed things down (: I'll take some photos and post the studio makeover updates this week.

So, if you find yourself on the straight and narrow path of your journey, just be thankful you know where you're headed. The work may be hard, the distance may be long and tiring, but it's better than being lost in the woods (:

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  1. Wow-and I thought I was busy! Beautiful cakes- I like the way the items on Etsy show up on yur sidebar. Now I'm wondering if I can figure that out for my books at Amazon. See? You don't just think of projects for yourself, you find them for the rest of us too!

  2. You know Carole, there has got to be way to do that...maybe setting up an Affiliate box with your books? Not sure about that one since NC doesn't allow Amazon affiliates and I haven't used mine in ages...a SC move in the near future is in order, tee-hee! (: If I find out how I'll give you a heads up!

  3. Yes, busy girl indeed! I just don't have that much energy anymore ~ in fact, I don't know that I ever did! ;~}
    Thanks for dropping by my 'Pantry' blog! I need to make some more yogurt and I am hoping it turns out well again! Hope yours is a success, also!
    OK ~ I'm off to check out some more of your blog and your Etsy shop!
    My oldest daughter spells her name just like yours ~ one l. ;~D
    Be Blessed!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. And so I came over to visit you and immediately fell head over heals with your profile description. Yeeha! What a hoot you much be IRL. And we live in the same state :)

    Your words about a straight (but very long and arduous) path are so wise and so true. Thanks, really, for putting such a great word picture together for me. I believe, sometimes, that I can truly see the end of the road for a goal, but oh, my goodness the work ahead! And I am a procrastinator too.

    My favorite saying to my 3rd graders years ago was "How do you eat an elephant?" to which they would, in unison, reply, "One bit at a time!"

    Blessings on all the doors ahead. Sounds so exciting to me.

  5. The diaper cakes are so cute.
    Something wonderful happens every day. Happy.


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