Saturday, June 26, 2010

What to do when your life vision falls flat

Ever have your life planned out only for things to take a totally different direction? Did you have a vision of how things would unfold and now life is not playing nice with the dream?

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  1. YES!! :) Arrgghhh.... not the easiest thing to climb back up and keep moving towards a new dream - or reality - but each day seems to be a little easier. Three steps forward and one step backwards.. But I am finding my way to new dreams though I took much time to not "dream" at all and just heal.

    Sorry... just wanted to say Hang In There! whatever it may be. :)

  2. When life hands you lemons, stick 'em in your bra. Can't hurt. Might help!

  3. Ouch! I'm hoping things are okay over your way!!! For me, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity were sure curve balls in my life!

    I'd say finding out I have celiac is too but I've been feeling better the last couple of weeks being gluten-free so am not starting to think my celiac status may be the thing that gives me my health back!

    Always, always, always praying and trusting all is working for the good of God - even when i can't imagine how.

  4. This has only just happened to me very recently. I wanted something so badly and it turned out it wasn't to be mine. Fate, however, has a plan for us all. It mustn't have been written in the stars for me and perhaps, dear friend, it wasn't written in the stars for you.

    Chin up and have fun changing the course of your life x o

    Tracey at Velvetine Lily

  5. EVERYDAY! Things never go as I imagine them in my own little joy world. I guess life is all about rising above the challenges and enJOYing the little things!

  6. Love your post! Yes, I do find myself living in the moment a lot more now that I'm 40ish! You always have to allow for some wiggle room with any beat laid plans in life. Thanks for becoming a follower of my little blog. I am now a friend and follower of yours! Donna...the 3rd sister

  7. Every time I think I am in control of my life plan, I get a boot to the head. I guess all we can do is be happy along our journey, even though we are not in control of the direction we will travel in! I am finding that being happy is from inside, because we have so little control of what goes on around us! Or just eat more Chocolate!!!

  8. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! My goodness, life is so unpredictable.

  9. You guys are so wonderful (: Had a hard time pulling the entire post together so I left it for another day. Thank you for the lovely encouragement (:



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