Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Embrace The Sacred In Each Moment

The last few years have taught me many great lessons, but I think the most important, and one I still have to remind myself to embrace, is finding the sacred in each moment. Life is full of unexpected surprises...ones that offer times of sheer joy and unspeakable delight and then others that resemble the turmoil of a full frontal assault. And then we have the mundane...those times when absolutely nothing seems to be happening and our hearts are aching for more. Ah, the ebb and flow of life (:

The neat thing about God is that He's always teaching and there's always something to learn if we're willing to just look. When we search for the beauty in every situation, even in the midst of destruction, it leads to a place of grace. Those times of pain, joy and "nothingness" are then transformed into something higher. We no longer see things as insignificant. Each moment, each person, each experience has worth and it opens our eyes to the plethora of possibilities around us. Instead of viewing life as a collection of things that just happen, we begin to embrace life with honor and treat our experiences as moments of a higher calling. The simple act of watching the sunset can become something powerful in an instant.

So the next time you feel like life is just happening around you, try approaching each day as a sacred encounter. What are the lessons in front of me? Is there anything to be gleaned from washing dishes, walking down a quiet path or watching the kids play in the backyard? What about the sickness that has come back or the job that was lost? Could this perspective possibly make a difference?

What if the power of grace was placed into the middle of those situations? How would things feel? How would the moments surrounding these experiences change? I can't answer those questions for anyone except myself. Looking at life this way has allowed me to let go of the past, the fear and the need to be perfect. It's given me the strength to be bold, the courage to see the beauty of what I have to offer and the freedom to be me. Give it a try and let the sacred transform your days.

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  1. How inspirational. Thanks for the lovely post. I know I go through phases where I'm either living in the moment or wishing time away. I always try and remind myself to say, "STOP - make the most of every second".
    The Painted Hive

  2. We are blessed to be living in the Kingdom, walking with the King daily!! 'Right now counts forever.'

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I needed it this morning. Amen for letting go of the need to be perfect.

  4. I agree, and though it was so hard at so many points in my life this past couple years, and I needed to be reminded over and over, somewhere inside of me I drew upon this to give me strength...thanks for another reminder!

  5. Can I just stand up and say, "Amen"?? This is beautifully written and so true.

    My favorite part:
    "What if the power of grace was placed into the middle of those situations? How would things feel? How would the moments surrounding these experiences change?"

    So glad I took a break and came abloggin' for a while today.

  6. An inspiring post. Whatever I encounter I must frame in in the context of His love even if I do not understand it. Thanks bunches♥olive

  7. Beautiful picture. I find that God definitely speaks to me when I get quiet and / or I am doing busy work, like laundry, or pulling weeds, and stuff like that. I have learned through the years, that without God I could not make it through the day.


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