Friday, July 2, 2010

Frugal Fridays

This weekend there will be lots of 4th of July celebrating going on and we're blessed to have access to so many frugal, fun things for the holiday! Our complex has a pool so swimming might be involved (: Who wouldn't feel pampered sipping mint tea while lounging by cool waters? We'll also be grilling burgers and then taking in the splendor of the evening fire flowers (fireworks) at the lake down the road. All free, so it fits within our No Spend Month, but packed with enjoyment!!

Our No Spend Month has also inspired a new idea...Frugal Fridays! Each Friday's post will have frugal tips, design ideas, DIY tutorials, organization methods or anything creative that might help save money. This Friday I'll start with something simple to get things going (:

I'm always looking for ways to make things last longer in the kitchen. One thing I've found is that liquid soap does the exact same job when diluted. This includes liquid hand soap and liquid dishwashing soap. If you buy the generic liquid lemon soap for $1, then that dollar will last twice as long!

I prefer natural, organic products and make our dishwashing soap using half water, half organic liquid castile soap with a few drops of lemon essential oil. It's used for both dishes and hand washing since the castile soap is really easy on the hands. I'm able to get the gallon size for $26 (128 oz at $26 = $.20 per ounce ) and our soap pump holds 16 oz. which means that bottle costs $1.60. Not bad for an organic soap!

Do you use steel wool soap pads? Nothing seems to scrub a burned pot or pan better, huh? The only trouble is most of the time they rust before the life of the scrubs runs out, so you're throwing away a large portion of their usage. When you get them home from the store, cut them into halves or thirds (depending on the size of the pad). Not only will this increase the life of the box, but it will sharpen your scissors too!

For more frugal tips, check back each Friday! I'll be adding a Frugal Friday button on the blog which will keep all of the tips in one spot, making it easier to find the tips if you miss a post (:

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