Monday, July 26, 2010

Makeover Monday - Final Backsplash Results

It's finally finished!! At least I think it's finished. If you're new to our Kitchen Backsplash Makeover, here are the photos of the "before" as well as the "kitchen in process" pictures. I challenged myself to create a free backsplash using the design inspiration of white subway tiles and came up with the solution of using leftover wooden mini rulers.

The original plan was to have a white glossy finish for the backsplash, but after the paint dried I began wondering if an aged glaze might bring out the texture of the "tiles" more since it seems to lack depth. I'd love to know your thoughts.

At first glance there seems to be a lot of white, but I like a clean bright kitchen especially because there's no natural light. I was surprised at how much it lightened things up (even at night) and love how the outlets fade away. Each one seemed to be installed at a different angle (much like the counters) and they looked pretty bad before. If you rent you can totally understand the lack of craftsmanship that can sometimes come with spaces like this.

The glossy white paint allows the outlet imperfections to be minimized and I'm wondering if a glaze might accentuate the crookedness again....still thinking...

We'll be getting the counters refinished with a dark taupe granite treatment so I might wait until that's done before altering the backsplash.

Our apartment complex is updating the counters in all of the units, thank goodness! I've had a chance to check out several upon completion and they look fabulous! Not as great as real granite, but so much better than the lovely laminate we're sporting now (:

I'll be sure to post the photos of the new counters once they're completed. I'm not sure when that will be, but hopefully within the next couple of months.

Another project being considered is adding crown on top of the cabinets to beef up their presence, as well as molding along the bottom so under-cabinet lighting can be installed. I think I'll let the glossy white backsplash sit and then reconsider glazing once the lighting, molding and counters are done.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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  1. Very very cool.....I just love this blog!!!! :):)

  2. NICE! I love white, it lifts my mood immediatly. Thanks for sharing. be blessed, bobbi

  3. I like it. Glazing might be a good idea, but I agree that leaving it until you finish your renovations is a good idea. What is this about the granite treatment? I'm curious.

    And I think crown for the top and bottom of the cabinets would make a substantial difference. :)

  4. What a difference! I really like how it is now, but I think once the countertops are re-done, you'll have a better idea of which direction to go- simple white or glazed. I would agree with Miranda that crown molding would look great- but I don't see much of an edge on the top and bottom of your cabinet doors... It might be pretty involved to add the crown molding then!
    Either way you go- It's really coming along and looking great!

  5. I can't believe what a difference that makes!

    Amazing! What a great idea!

  6. I totally agree....wait at least until the counters are in and then decide. I think it turned out fabulously!

    Many Blessings,

  7. I love this renovation! I agree that everything white and glossy looks very clean, but, from the pictures, it seems to lack depth. Its a difficult choice. I would wait until the countertops are redone to decide too.

    I'd also suggest if you have any rulers leftover that you make a couple of test boards. Adhere them to a heavy piece of cardboard, paint with the same paint, and then test different glazes. If you make the board roughly the same height as the backsplash you can lean the board up on the wall and get an accurate idea of the overall effect.

    I like the moulding idea too. You'll have to add a board to the top of the cabinets to elevate your knick knacks to the proper height and you could add a string of white christmas lights for nice accent lighting.

    Looking forward to seeing more great remodeling ideas!

  8. Who would of thunk to use rulers like you did to add so much beauty and warmth...every time I come by here I'm just amazed at what you can do...some many are afraid to touch anything in a rental..I use to wall paper years ago with bed sheets with the rental apartment I had to try and bring in color and I used strach for wall paper paste...just had to tear it off when I moved and it didn't damage the walls...also I could made curtain to match from the sheets...Your blog is so wonderful and GREAT to me...Thanks for sharing all you do my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. I think it looks marvelous and can't believe you achieved the subway tile look so well with your salvaged rulers!! What a great reward for a no spend month.

    Seriously, this one is spectacular to me. I would wait on the glaze too.

    I will be watching to see this new countertop. My niece mentioned the resurfaced ones to me. I want to see it (well, at least online) myself. Take closeups, pretty please...

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  11. Kudos! You did it! The back splash is truly something to be proud of. I'm curious to know what you are going to do to the counter tops. I've researched some options to make counter tops look semi-granite but haven't implemented anything yet. Nor am I close. I'm so excited to see what you do next.

  12. It looks great! Such a neat idea!

  13. This was the coolest idea ever!!!! I also love the white. Somebody else suggested crown molding for the top cabinets, which I think would be amazing. I say leave it white, but if you want a little more depth you could paint the same tiles you had hiding the outlets before an antiqued blue and hand them back up. Or maybe take a high gloss black or pale yellow and paint out a few of the rulers in a random pattern. The coolest thing about the coolest idea ever is that it give you so many options.

  14. Very nice! You are so creative, and I have enjoyed your blog!

  15. It sure does make the space brighter. Well done!

  16. Hi Michele!
    Thanks for being one of my newest followers and I apologize that it's taken me this long to get over here...we've had a LOT going on. You're probably seen my last three blogs on our vacation, but what I haven't written about is that my hubby has been in the that's why I'm so slow getting to you. :) Thanks for being a follower, I love seeing new faces and making new friends!! :)
    I think your kitchen is bright and airy! (have you seen my cottage kitchen makeover on my might like it!) I (peronally) would leave the backsplash the nice bright white. I think glazing it will bring out any imperfections that are there. (my humble opinion) :) I think you'll be amazed what the new counter top will do. I love the idea of crown molding and under counter lights!! I want crown in my kitchen too, but it opens up to the WHOLE downstairs and that will take some money, so I'm trying to save until I can do it all at once. (urgh!) That's a lot of crown!
    I'm gonna have to go back and read through some of your posts when I get my house back in order. It's amazing what time away in the hospital can do to a persons house!! lol
    Hope you have a great week!

  17. I love it! What a great idea and it came out so crisp and clean looking. I think it looks good as is and agree with "my cottage charm" that glazingmay actually accentuate some flaws you would like to blend but either way it is a definite improvement from just panited walls! You are so creative!

  18. Clever. I had to read on down to unerstand these were not actual tiles but were rulers! Will follow if blogger will allow...had a hard time making a comment. Thank you for visiting me♥

  19. I love it, it looks great!!! I wanted to thank you for visiting our blog and joining as a follower, hope you will visit again... I tried to join here but it wouldn't allow me to, I will try again later! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  20. What a gorgeous kitchen!

    I wish my backsplash was up. It's been going on hrmphhh years now. lol

  21. Love this blog! This backsplash idea was so clever- and it turned out great!

  22. Your happy, smiling face popped up today on my followers list! Thanks!

    I came by here to meet you. What a clever lady you are! This project is brilliant! It looks so great - congratulations!

  23. WOW! I just LOVE the white cabinet kitchen! My favorite! Beautiful and thanks so much for all your decorating pictures. They're GREAT!


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