Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Legacy of my Father

This is absolutely one of my favorite photos of Dad. The gentleness and love are so abundant (: Today is my Dad's birthday. He passed away a few days after his birthday three years ago and I can't believe it's been that long. It seems like yesterday we were talking on the phone about politics, church happenings, favorite TV shows and life in general.

We didn't have the best relationship, but I was gifted the blessing of a Father who had a heart for change in the later years of his life. Click here if you'd like to read our story of restoration.

He loved his grandkids and they loved him so. Jacqueline has Dad's same creative spirit. For Christmas one year he made an art box for her which included tons of supplies that any crafty girl would love (: Then each Christmas after he would add items to the box that he had collected the year round. It was so fun to go with him as he was on the hunt for new supplies.

Christian has the same gentle spirit as Dad. That gentleness can sometimes be consumed in the rough world we live in, but the way these two would reach out to the heart of others is something to see. Christian so cherished the times Dad would play games with him...especially UNO (:

There are favorite books that Andrew and Matthew love to read before bed. One is a book given by Dad. Even though these little guys only knew him for a short period of time, he made quite an impact. They love to hear the inscription Dad wrote in the beginning of the book and it's just not the same without it (: They know he's in heaven, watching over us and loving us still. Happy Birthday're missed more than you'll ever know (:

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