Monday, August 2, 2010

Makeover Monday - Bedroom Ideas

This is a great bedroom makeover from and was the perfect inspiration for my own bedroom project. It was a catchall space transformed from a junk room into a bright and fun bedroom using many items that were already on hand.

The reason this particular makeover caught my eye was the wall color, dresser and headboard. The lavender they used is very similar to the color chosen for my bedroom and the dresser is almost the same wood tone as the one that I will be painting.

I'm not a big fan of gold mirrors, but love the ornate style! A simple coat of paint brings whimsy to a traditional look. I'm more partial to white frames, but the purple works in this particular application and adds some fun.

The bold flowers in the bedding, dresser and chandelier offer a modern twist. It looks fresh, light and comfortable.

Now here's my space....the catchall room that originally was going to be the studio until plans changed and the studio then morphed into a bedroom. Small space, but lots of potential (:

Some of the MDF from those huge storage shelves was recycled for the living room makeover. It provided plenty of material to make the fireplace mantel, TV component stand and shelves to house baskets for storage.

The rest helped to create worksurfaces in the studio, but that's another post for another day (: I love it when items can be reused for other projects!

As previously mentioned, the walls will be a rich purple, curtain panels have already been sewn (who are we kidding...iron-on tape was involved) and the cedar dresser my Grandfather made many years ago is just waiting for a lovely coat of bright white paint and some knob changouts!

All of those boxes to the left are blocking a closet with double doors. I'm not sure if you can see them amongst the clutter, but the doors are sporting a "lovely" pair of round brass doorknobs. Those have been replaced with some glass knobs ($15 for the pair!!) to match the Claudia headboard purchased from Pottery Barn (got it on sale for $199!!!!) as seen below...

I absolutely love these colors, but I'm trying to utilize items already on hand to cut down on cost. A beautiful green matelasse coverlet and lavender striped quilt with dainty flowers will grace the bed. Of course "art work" for over the bed will be made by moi and I'm still debating whether or not beadboard will be added to the bed wall.

Maybe you guys can help with that one after photos are posted next week. I can't wait for you to see them, so make sure to check back next Monday for the bedroom makeover!!

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