Monday, August 9, 2010

Makeover Monday - Bedroom Redo in Process

Last Monday I posted photos of an inspirational room makeover that reminded me of my own bedroom makeover. The first two photos are what I started with in the space...

I'm half way through the process with a few more tweaks to go and the fully completed project will be posted next Monday. Originally this was to be my studio, but the placement of the other bedroom was much more appropriate for working so a transition was made. It's quite small at 11 x 10.5, but that just means it will be cozy (:

The purple on the wall is a mixture made from leftover reds and blues. I prefer to use what's already available instead of buying more, especially when it comes to paint. Keeps it out of the trash and makes my frugal spirit happy (:

The frames above the bed are hanging from an architectural piece found in an old barn. Old antique keys are mounted on textured paper and serve as artwork inside the frames. I'm thinking of replacing the small frames with two or three large scale pieces, but haven't decided on what that might be yet. As with any room redo, changes are always inevitable (:

The table on the left was reclaimed from storage and the right side table was made by my Grandfather over 50 years ago. I like how the dark woods work together. One day I'll replace these with small mirrored dressers, but for now they work just fine. I've had these lamps for years and think I paid $15 for both. Can't wait to change these out as well (:

The linens are ones I had on hand...a few pieces from one set and some from another. The purple and white striped quilt at the bottom of the bed will one day be replaced with a chocolate and white damask duvet...that is, once I make it. Haven't found a print that speaks to me yet, but it will find me one day (:

The photo below was taken before I started painting the dresser. It still needs another coat of white and the brass knobs are getting a coat of hammered metal black. I can't wait for you to see it next week!! My Grandfather made this dresser for Mom when she was a child. I love using family heirlooms. It adds a warmth and connection to the space that no store bought piece could bring.

After seeing the photo above I realized this area REALLY needs some tweaking. It's amazing how different things look through the lens! It seems a little naked or off it just me?

I'm thinking of hanging two mirrors resembling windows on either side of the centered dresser and hanging the same curtain panels that will dress the real window. It'll add tons of light and fill the wall. I held off on hanging the curtains because there might not be enough fabric to make six panels. Still thinking on that one...

The space is very small, but I would love to keep a seating area. Mom saved this chair from the garbage when her office was redecorated and a slipcover left over from my old dining room set fit perfectly! I'd love to be able to have it in the room, but not sure how it will work with the two new windows. Maybe a bench under the window instead? The pups would appreciate that. We'll see (:

I replaced the gold round closet door knobs with glass ones that match the bed. If it sparkles, I LIKE it!!

So this is my tiny room. It may need some more tweaking, but isn't that just the process? Nothing is perfect right out of the gate, but it's cozy, comfy and makes me smile...mostly because of the cherished items inside, but also because it's a product of my own making.

When you create a space with your own hands, you leave a piece of yourself behind that naturally reflects your true spirit. You feel warmer and more comfortable in that space instantly! So give it a try...redo your space and add a little of "You" to your home (:

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  1. It looks very peaceful! I feel the same way. Things look so different through the lens than when you look at it without the camera!

  2. I love that you use what paint you have, me too! Way to be frugal and green! I think the bench under the window mirros would be great.Can't wait to see it next week

  3. You're making great progress! It looks lovely!

  4. How very pretty, peaceful, and calm. Great colors!

  5. Hi Michelle! Its really coming along!
    What a relief to find out there was a great room waiting to happen underneath all the stuff, no?

  6. I love the paint color. It reminds me of a rocky mountain sunset.

    I like the idea of the windows with the curtain panels. If you don't have enough fabric, make the panels narrower for the decorative windows since they won't need to be closed. Or, you could add a strip of a coordinating patterned fabric to the leading edge of every panel to make them all wider and add a little interest to the windows.

    I like the seating area idea. I think that space needs a green plant of some kind.

    Great work so far. I can't wait to see the finished room.

  7. I think it looks great, my bedroom in our old house was a light purpley color like that and I loved it!

  8. Bonjour Michelle,
    Your rooms looks lovely, very peaceful. It is the best feeling when you create a space with alot of 'you'!
    Bon week,

  9. What a great makeover! You did a fabulous job!

  10. I love what you wrote: "When you create a space with your own hands, you leave a piece of yourself behind that naturally reflects your true spirit."
    That is so true!

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