Monday, August 16, 2010

Makeover Monday - New Life to an Old Dresser

Today I was going to post the "after" results of my bedroom dresser makeover, but something has come up and I'll have to post the results on Wednesday. Tomorrow is my Mother's birthday and making her feel like a queen has taken precedence (:

Each day this week I'm doing something to make her feel special. Sunday was a pedicure and foot massage at home - she wasn't feeling well and getting out wasn't an option so I brought the pampering to her. Monday was simply cooking a meal and enjoying a good chat and I'll post Tuesday's treat once it happens (:

If you have a loved one who's birthday is coming up, try making the entire week an event. Love notes around the house one day, a little pampering on another, a special meal the next and my favorite...a handwritten letter that shares what you cherish the most about that person. The key is to give something from the heart. This week is to let that person know you've really thought about them.

It doesn't cost much to make the birthday queen or king feel loved and appreciated, just a little creativity. So give it a try and start a new tradition of week long birthday celebrations...the memories of this gift of love will last a lifetime (:

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