Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Full Moon and Harvest Time good to be back! It's the first day of Fall, there's a full moon hovering above and it's harvest time!! There are a myriad of things happening behind the scenes at The Homesteading Apartment and the blog is actually beginning to resemble some of that change (: I've switched out the banner, set up category pages to better organize the articles, added easy to use "Subscribe and Follow" buttons, tweaked some of the design and yet there is still much more to do.

Time away has done wonders for the clarity of vision and I can't wait to share what's ahead. I'll do that over the next few days as to not overwhelm your lovely reading eyes, but for today I wanted to tell you about a tradition I started a few years ago.

I love celebrating moments and seek ways to make the everyday special. To me there is something very sacred about the seasons of life...the ebb and flow of nature. It has order at its very core that allows everything else to function in harmony. In the past, organization has been a challenge. Some are more gifted at it than others, but it's something on which I have to work, being the free spirit that I am (:

To help keep a focus on order, every full moon I declare my intentions for the month, write them on a small square of paper, light a candle, allow the candle flame to consume it and then offer thanks for the blessings received during the previous month. This outward expression of order and thankfulness has done wonders...especially lately.

This year the Autumnal Equinox falls on a full moon day which hasn't happened in 19 years...SOOOOO exciting!! Change is in the air and I can feel it (: So as we transition into a time of harvest, consider a new tradition of thanksgiving all year long. You’ll be surprised at the order it brings, not to mention an open heart. Happy Fall everyone!

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