Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuck in the Studio

This Pottery Barn room idea is the inspiration for my studio woes. It's a small studio with LOTS of stuff (much of it unnecessary) and over the last many months I've been purging, organizing and imaging the day when I can walk in and use it as a functioning space. Who knew it would take this long!!

Now that the busy season is well on its way, this project has been placed on the front burner. A work zone that works for me, not against me is the target (;

I love this office too with the neutral tones and touches of red...the light alone in this shot makes we want to crawl in the photo and begin working on new designs! Wouldn't it be great if we could just blink and our rooms would be ready for use? But alas...what would be the fun in that, eh?

This green is the same shade on my walls right now. Because the area is so small, it makes things quite dark. I'm adding beadboard in white to lighten it up just like they have here, plus it serves a function - a place to hang and organize items.

So, are your spaces organized and ready for the holidays? How does your work zone fare this time of year? Do you have any tips or suggestions...I'd love to hear them (;

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  1. Beautiful, I lake it!!!

    Kisses and nice weekend.

  2. i love all the white - so fresh and clean and inspiring - so glad i went white in my kitchen!

    my kitchen work zone is getting revamped - i learned this week that i have held on to things which supposedly can harbor gluten no matter how much i clean them (as in all my beloved wooden utensils and cutting board!) - i've been purging it out the last few days and replacing items - though i'm having to use credit for the replacing and my desire to create as little additional debt as possible is seeming to work out to an emptier kitchen and i'm hoping that is a good thing - here's to improved health through gluten-free spaces full of new, safe items that bring me inspiration and joy and to your new work space being just exactly what you need!

  3. The first thing I have learned is that less is more. I'm in the process of getting rid of all the clutter that I never use. Then my mind seems to become uncluttered too.... then, I'm able to see what it is I want and how to do it.
    First: DE-CLUTTER. Throw stuff out or give it away.
    Second: Envision a plan.
    Third: start and finish one thing... paint, fabric, arrangement of furniture, Etc.

    I love that first photo. That's the DREAM.
    Good luck with it all... just go for it and have fun.

  4. Ah, I WISH I could have all those spaces! I would love to have my own work space, but sadly, but stuff is all "stuffed" in the corner of my master bedroom! I will hang on to these images for the day I have a place all to myself! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. In my dreams I have a work space like that! Right now my work space is the dining room table. Ugh.

  6. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at my Strut Your Stuff Linky Party!

  7. Very nice inspiration pics. Fall is a good time for cleaning out. This year I'm trying to do it rather than just think about it as usual.


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