Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Declutter or Repurpose...That is the Question

Yesterday we talked about the 3 Question Rule to decluttering...
  • Do I really love it? (is it a treasure)
  • Do I really use it? (has it been used within the last year)
  • Do I really need it? (sometimes we think we need something when we really don't)
I have a storage unit for Christmas decor since we have very little closet space in the apartment...who knew Christmas trees could take up so much space! During the spring clean this year I decided to revisit the 3 Question Rule regarding everything in storage. It's a small unit, but has accumulated goodies other than holiday d├ęcor...one of them being my vintage iron day bed from childhood. It's been loved, cherished and used by other family members, but was now reduced to leaning against walls in the corner of my storage room.

I love this bed. It brings back memories, has a classic style that lasts, is highly functional and very versatile. I was hoping to utilize it upon a move into my own home, but don't really know when that will be. So there sits my bed...my sad, lonely bed with it's matching trundle just desperately waiting to be the focal point in a pretty space again.

Day beds are a fave on my list for their versatility, which is why I was having such a hard time parting with it. During the day they serve as seating and then transform into comfy sleeping quarters in the eve. This particular bed has a trundle which offers the option of turning the single sleeping digs into something fit for two. Put them together and it magically becomes a queen size bed. Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a day bed...{sigh}

After going over the questions in my head yet again, I realized it was silly to hang on to something that "might be used one day" when someone else could make use of it right now.  So I brought Mindy (yes, that's her name) out of storage and decided it was time to let her go, but she needed a spruce up.  Coats of black were used to hide the dated style of white and brass and she was graciously staged in our dining room so others could see the beautiful potential of this fine lady (: 

Cushions from our sofa showed the day time option, while a simple "bed time pose" displayed her evening attire.  Please forgive the not-so-attractive pseudo mattress.  We didn't have a twin and the sofa cushions were more than willing to provide a nice stand-in (:  Mindy quickly sold on Craigslist and is now in a happy home giving much love and joy to weary little ones who rest upon her beautiful frame.  Even though I miss her, I so loved the transformation we went through together...I was able to let go of stuff and she became the beauty queen I always knew she could be (:

So if you have items in storage, give the 3 Question Rule another shot.  If there's something you truly can't part with, transform the old into new with a coat of paint and some elbow grease.  Are there any items you haven't been able to release and decided to repurpose?  I'd love to hear about it (:

In Gratitude,

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  1. The transformation on the bed turned out beautifully. I probably would have left it right there in the dining room. Looked great in the little alcove. It does feel good to let go of things though. I definitely need to declutter and the kids room needs a major redecorating. I started painting a bookshelf and ran out of paint halfway through ... still haven't finished that project. :/ Have a great day! Tammy

  2. Love your things,can understadn why you have saved them.
    Ha.... these are GOOD RULES..the only problem for me I can honestly answer YES to at least one of these quesions for every item I have now put in "storage" on our garage shelves.
    But one of these days when I am feeling better,and it is COOLER HERE.. I am going to get them orgazined for a Garage Sale..and away they will go. But I can also seeing me say..."OH WAIT..I still want that" !!

    From Delightful Clutter,

  3. I can honestly say I haven't regretted giving away or selling anything in the past. I too have wrestled with the "But this might be perfect for my next house or project." argument. You'd think the process would be easier since we've never been without furniture, knick knacks, dishes, craft supplies, clothes, etc.. The stuff multiplies like rabbits!

    We're currently preparing to move to Alaska from Kentucky and will be paying for this move ourselves. Its been a blessing to have all my pack rats on board for the big clean out. We're seriously evaluating the worth of each thing we live with, and daily, finding it easier to part with the stuff. There are a few items we'll keep...family heirlooms, pictures, and of course, the children and pets. :) But the majority can be replaced and the thrill of the hunt is something we look forward to.

  4. I didn't know that 'if you love it, let it go' could also apply to Things! Nice to think of it giving renewed pleasure, to someone else, you did well.

  5. Where do you get a bed like that one above that converts to a queen bad???

  6. Diane C Yes, like Patti Leisure above, I also wonder where to get a daybed and trundle that converts to a queen/king bed like the one in your picture above??


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