Thursday, June 14, 2012

Changes at The Homesteading Cottage

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Isn't she lovely? That's our Homesteading Cottage...or at least she is for the time being. If I remember correctly, she was built in the early 1900's and used to be the crowning jewel of a family homestead dairy farm, but now she's surrounded by city life. I think there may even be a few milk bottles from the old dairy around here somewhere. The cottage was fully renovated by the owner and feels like a country retreat even though we're right in the middle of the city. We are so blessed to be here and look forward to share more photos of this beautiful home.

The front porch is a favorite spot for chatting and sipping tea. As you can see, Malone (our doxie-beagle) has declared it to be his preferred snuggle spot outside (: I love that it has an outdoor living area and we can't wait for meals set under the twinkling lights of the cool evening sky. Right now we're a little on the muggy side of things, but grilling out is something we hope to do soon!

I love how the trellis covers the front of the house to provide privacy. It creates such a cozy feel that you don’t even realize city life is a hop, skip and a jump away!

Yesterday's post described how we moved from our apartment, to a hotel and now to this cottage cutie. It's our temporary abode while we're waiting for our country Homesteading Cottage and will serve as the backdrop for the transition to come.

When I originally started this blog it was a way to connect with others who were interested in natural living, homesteading and simple abundance. We were living in a city apartment and I was on a quest to get back to my roots of naturalness and simplicity, so The Homesteading Apartment seemed like the perfect name for my new spot in blog land. I spent several years caring for ill family members, lost myself in that caregiving role and needed a way to connect with the "real me" again. Writing about the process, sharing tips of what worked for us and encouraging others along the way was magic for my soul.

Now that it's been a couple of years, we think this lovely little blog is in need of an update. If you've been visiting us for any time at all, you'll notice some of the changes that have already taken place. We've switched the name from "The Homesteading Apartment" to "The Homesteading Cottage" for obvious reasons (: and added a "Contact Us" link on the right sidebar to make it easier for you to drop a line and say hi!

One of the most exciting announcements is that Faye Yates, more affectionately known around here as Mom, has decided to join our team! She'll be posting articles on Natural Health and her journey from near death to an amazing recovery, Growing Older with Grace, Homeschooling, Child Learning & Growth and tips on How to Create Special Memory Moments. She's a veteran out-of-the-box teacher of over 25+ years and has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education with an area of concentration in Special Education. We're so glad she's here (:

We've also added some section tabs across the top of the blog for easy navigating. One of these is a Resources page chock-full of items from other sites. We're very particular about what we pass along to others and only include items we either use ourselves or things that we have on our wish list.

Due to demand we've also decided to offer a Services page that will include info regarding design services for the home, simple weddings and more. This page should be up and running in the next few weeks so check back.

Our Shop tab is a link directly to our Natural esSCENTials™ website and will be filled with our handmade goodies related to simplicity, organization and entertaining. Our products encourage tradition and legacy building, are the essentials to get you organized, the supplies to celebrate any event, the recipes to clean up your spaces, the decor to float your boat and the fun things to keep you focused.

Whether it's for a wedding, baby shower, party, work or home, we have the tools to help take the stress out of the everyday. Anything that makes life simple, organized and stress free is a blessing to share with others! All of our items are handmade by us and can be easily customized. Just send a note of what you'd like and we'll be happy to create something that's distinctive for you (:

We're still a construction zone around here, but the dust should die down soon (: I'll be sharing more of what's going on with The Homesteading Cottage and hope you join us for the ride (:

With Gratitude,

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