Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Simplicity in the Power of Neutrals

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As a child I was always fascinated by some of my Mother's friends who were perpetually designing and redesigning their homes. There seemed to be constant flutter of change to try and keep up with the trends. Even as a child, I remember being amazed by the waste of it all...the painting, repainting, wall papering, Yikes!  Not to mention the "musical chairs" of furniture and art that was taking place.
My mother, however, was building our home with classic pieces and pops of color that could be switched out with the seasons. We didn't have tons of furniture, but what we did have spoke volumes.  The result was a home haven that reflected our personal style, not something that was manufactured in a showroom.

Imagine everything in the living room above remaining the, in your mind, switch out the pillows with something in blue or orange.  Change the natural fiber rug to one with a bold print.  The curtains...pick up one of the bright colors in the other accessories.  VoilĂ !  A totally different feel in the space!
Here's another great example.  I LOVE white bedding.  With the simple modification of the comforter and pillows, the style is transformed.  This room feels like a seaside, breezy and light.  By changing the cool blues to warm tones in red, we now have two room styles that are poles apart.

Imagine that same bedroom with chocolate and white damask curtains, warm toned accent pillows, oriental rug, down comforter in a subtle pattern of red and hanging over the bed a large, gorgeous, natural wreath with pine cones, crimson berries and bows.  Now you're ready for holiday guests (: 
The neutral, outdoor living room above is another case in point.  Here you have a lavender slipcovered sofa, chevron rug and curtains along with pillows in purple tones.  What if those purples morphed into greens with touches of teal?  Now you're getting it!
I love the illustration above...Everything in this dining room is neutral.  Instead of the layers being the pop of color or accent, the yellow walls give the impact. To show what the simple change of wall color can do, we've taken the yellow room above and given the walls four different colors...
It instantly remakes the room and paint was the only newbie added.  We even left the yellow rug in place.  For the adventurous among us, now envision the dining room walls covered in a bold!!  It's amazing how one simple thing can generate a completely different tingle for the senses and the cost to do so can also be frugal friendly (:
I have grown to appreciate the power that neutrals hold. A room can have the same furniture, the same tchotchkes and yet with the simple alteration of a few layers (wall color, rugs, curtains, pillows, art, etc), the room takes on a totally different feel.  Build your spaces with neutral key pieces that are special to you.  When you're in need of a change, it's a simple switch of the layers and the result will be a home haven reflective of your spirit, which in turn, is your signature style.
With Gratitude,

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