Friday, July 27, 2012

What to Do When You're Out of Your Element

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Many times when we face challenges, we seek comfort by surrounding ourselves with things that are familiar. It could be our designed spaces, projects, hobbies, old movies, work, relationships or even food...macaroni 'n' cheese please and don't forget a side of lasagna and chocolate cake!! Yes, comfort food is well known for its soothing affects, but inevitably that serving of temporary lusciousness is quickly developed into an ever so attractive chunk of fat on our thighs. {Sigh}

I've been going through that comfort mode craving, yet find it impossible to surround myself with those old familiar securities. Our business has gone through a bit of a change...some areas have grown quickly while others are in transition. The metal art side of the company has been put on hold so focus can be given to grow the transitional spots.

After our moving fiasco, new homesteading plans shifted when the home we were going to rent was sold.  We've yet to find another to fit the needed parameters, so we're staying in a beautiful cottage in the city owned by a dear friend.  We don't know how long we'll be here, therefore planting a garden or adding chickens is out of the question. The outside of the cottage is pretty much taken care of so we don't even need to mow, weed or get our hands dirty at all...not something I'm used to. The inside of the cottage is decorated and prepared for in such a way that it requires no tweaking on my part, which means my inner nesting urge is going untouched for the time being.

I'm so thankful for work that speaks to my soul, but as with many small indie companies, there's an ever present nitty-gritty work that needs constant tending if your business is going to continue to grow...and so I'm stuck in a sort of creative limbo. For the first time in my life I'm living and working in a space that requires no decor enhancement, no yard work of any kind nor continual maintenance that normally comes with day to day living.  Translation - No distractions. Hum...

A friend of mine thinks this is exactly what I need...grand design and all. She knows me all too well and has grown to understand the intricate crazy ball of interestingness that is my thought process (: I get so excited about the path of creative development that I take on too much, lose focus and end up putting off the nuts and bolts crucial for things to run smoothly behind the scenes.  Then I get frustrated when progression isn't happening as quickly as I had hoped and distraction ensues.  Sounds like my friend is right and I'm being offered a gift of dedicated focus (;

When we find ourselves out of our comfort zone, it's important to trust the flow. I find God has fascinating ways of limiting our distractions so the needed vital tasks of life can take center stage. That's where the magic happens.  We may not understand this jaunt of the journey, but if we fight the process, we'll just end up further off course. Trust something higher than yourself, embrace being out of your element and let go of the temporary comfort found by doing the familiar. Ask in faith for what you need and believe it will show up when the time is right.

So I've decided to trust and know that the path I'm on is leading to great things. For now I might not be gardening, painting, tending chickens or metalsmithing, but I'm sure God will nurture my soul by finding other ways for my hands to get dirty (:

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

With Gratitude

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