Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days :: Prepare for Halloween with 10 Wreath Designs - Day 13

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It's Day 13 in our 31 Days Challenge which means Halloween is right around the corner and we've been busy collecting inspiration to get the creativity flowing! First we shared how we've prepared our cottage for the holiday, then we threw out a few pumpkins ideas and yesterday was all about Halloween curb appeal. Today we wanted to show some great wreath designs that can be used both inside and outside of the home.

I absolutely adore black feathers this year!! Use them as a wreath or garland for the banister.  The feathers are simple, but can hold their own especially with a bright background color.

Melissa from The Chic-Adee Shop did such a great job with this the green!

Who doesn't love burlap? The damask bow on the side is a nice touch (;

If bats are a passion for Halloween, you can't go wrong with this wreath! Very cute!

I'm a little biased on this one...this is our wreath made by a dear friend (; I wish I could get a better picture because this photo doesn't do it justice! The sheer black ribbon with green and orange glitter polka dots give a hint of green and my favorite is the black bird and glittering beware sign (the black bird is hard to spot, but he's there).

This was made by spray painting a grapevine wreath and then adding moss, a black bird and spooky signage. Very simple to do, but oh, so charming.

Little Birdie Secrets has a great tutorial on how to make this tulle wreath.

Berries are a favorite! Add a black bird or maybe a plaque with a spooky message and you're set! Then when Halloween is over, simply remove those items and you're ready for Thanksgiving!

Isn't this burlap boo wreath beautiful (; If you'd like to make your own, Lacy from The Inspired Nest can show you how!

And we had to include this happy mesh wreath for the finale...

10 Halloween wreaths in all!! That should get your started if you're still searching for inspiration. Come back tomorrow for our indoor Halloween decoration preparation. We'll be sharing 23 DIY elements that can be used to create great Halloween displays. Incorporate a few into your Halloween design this year or use them all...the options are endless!

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