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31 Days :: Prepare for Halloween with Over 21 Entertaining Ideas - Day 15

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My parents gave the best Halloween parties when we were growing up! Both Mom and Dad were very creative and put a lot of thought into each and every event. We had different stations set up inside and out for activities, buffets with fun food and a haunted house in our basement. 

As we prepare for Halloween this year, I wanted to offer a LOT of inspiration for entertaining reminiscent of those parties from my younger days. I'm a visual gal and photos really help the wheels turn (; The examples below are filled with ideas on how to lay out a fabulous party. We've got everything from DIY Halloween dinnerware to simple tablescapes that look amazing with little effort. We even have traditional dinner examples with a touch of elegance.

Natural elements blend so well during this harvest time of year. Baskets are used to hold beverages and food, and pedestals allow items to be displayed at different levels. Simple swags can be made with tissue paper or fabric and hanging globes offer a pop of hover color above the table.
Printables make it so easy to create a beautiful display with little effort. Hop over to Better Homes and Gardens to use this set of  free Halloween printables including cupcake toppers, candy bar wraps, party favors and more. Simply print, trim and assemble!

Jamielyn over at I {heart} Nap Time also has free Halloween printables to get your party going.

Both adults and kids alike will enjoy celebrating Halloween with these easy to make decorations and buffet foods.

Need more space for your Pumpkin Patch party? Use metal garbage cans as a table base and add a large piece of plywood for the table top. Then cover with a tablecloth and you've got a scene set for partying fun (;

Pottery Barn's children's party offers inspiration for adult parties too!

Create a tattered tablecloth with a torn sheet and black paper cut-outs. Add those same cut-outs to the edge of cake plates for a pulled together design.

Orange balloons accented with jack o'lantern faces create floating pumpkins around a witch's brew table.
Bring back the days of old with vintage inspired Halloween decor.

Outdoor entertaining has never been so easy. Let the surrounding fall foliage be the backdrop and then add natural elements like a burlap runner. A few well placed black painted twig trees in pots filled with candy corn finishes things off.

Party prep doesn't have to be time consuming. Embellished hanging rounds to create cats, owls and pumpkins. A simple orange runner over a black table says instant Halloween!

Plan a haunting night of "groan-up" thrills and chills. A spooky buffet in a not-so-ordinary display is sure to keep your guests talking for years to come.

 This display from Lora Lee Lewis is sure to inspire!

Individual witch hats pull double duty as place cards and decor.

This spooky tablescape is sure to enchant and delight guests.

For a more traditional evening, simple touches of pumpkins with orange and black elements offer Halloween accents without getting too ghoulish.

Black and white dinnerware with simple pumpkins complete this elegant night of Halloween dining.
Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone gives a tutorial on how to make your own Halloween dinnerware. This technique is so simple you'll want to make custom pieces for the other seasons (;
If you're having a sit down dinner, add a little something special with trick-or-treat gifts for each setting.
This cookie display is amazing! If you're not gifted in the cookie creation realm, the same haunted house can be made from cardboard and paper cutouts. Don't forget to add a small light behind to illuminate the windows.

Cover chairs with wisps of black tulle for yet another layer.

And there you have it! More than 22 ideas for Halloween entertaining. I hope you'll continue to join us for our 31 Days of Preparation journey. Tomorrow we'll be sharing ghoulish goodies and treats so don't forget to come back for our last two Halloween prep posts!  Enter your email below and each post will automatically be delivered to your inbox. Don't forget to stop by the many other 31 Dayers for additional inspiration!
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