Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gaining Storage in Small Areas

When you live in a smaller space getting creative is essential. I was very fortunate to grow up in a home that had a small library filled with bookcases my father built. These walls were home to the classics, encyclopedias, dictionaries, fiction, nonfiction, research journals, children's books, poetry, records and just about anything you might need to travel within the mind.

The library has always been a place of solace for me. A space where anything is possible. Where knowledge is waiting to be embraced. A place that opens the door to new worlds and new experiences. Since that time I've wanted a library of my own, but with the current small digs I never imagined there might be room for it. I'm not really a gal that gives up and knew there had to be a way to dedicate a special spot for my beloved books. And as a matter of fact there was...

Welcome to my library...my messy library. Okay, it's actually not a library in the traditional sense, but a hallway 3.5 ft wide by 11 feet long leading to my studio. The right side of the hall used to be a long blank wall and the left side has one door to my bedroom and another to my bathroom. Here was this long blank wall in the hallway with no purpose...why not make it into mini library! Up popped four 11 inch deep bookcases I found on sale for $25 each and voila! Instant library. There's still plenty of walking room and most people don't even notice the hallway size has been reduced.

Now my new task is to turn it into something with a little more pizzazz. Right now books, journals, research materials, CD's, DVD's, magazines, as well as odds and ends are just being housed in the hall with no style or special placement. I'll do one last purge to make sure only needed and cherished items are kept and the rest will be donated. These photos are the "Before" and the "After" will be posted in the next week or so when the makeover is done.

(Sorry about the blurry photo)

Are there spots in your home that could be reclaimed and transformed into something new? Do you need more storage? Have a tiny space needing a new identity? Think out-of-the-box and embrace every ounce of square footage available...and don't leave out the walls. When there's no more floor room the walls are your best asset. And the most important thing...make sure the space reflects your spirit and have FUN!

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