Friday, January 22, 2010

An Organized Closet

There's nothing better than having an organized closet! I never really appreciated the significance of these closed spaces until I overhauled the one in my bedroom. It's amazing how the simple act of arranging clothing, shoes, bags and scarves in a pleasing way can start your day off right. Simplicity at its finest. The bedroom is my sanctuary. The rest of the home might be a mess, but if I start and end my day in an organized space, the rest of the day seems to fall into place. After installing a closet system I found getting ready was more fun than a chore. I know it may sound silly, but it almost feels like shopping without the added cost (:

I've always loved those custom closets that you see in decorator magazines, but thought the cost was out of this frugal gal's reach. That is until I found the Rubbermaid Configurable Closet Kit at Walmart! It's just over $100 and has more than doubled my storage space! You can also get the same kit from Amazon at a better savings for $91 and the shipping is free.

Living in an apartment offers a set of challenges when it comes to design and organization. Any alterations made must be returned to it's drab state once you leave. This closet kit was the perfect fit because it was very easy to install and can easily be removed. It only requires a few holes for the top horizontal rail and the vertical rails hang off of it. My closet is just over 4 feet wide and 22 inches deep, but this set expands up to 8 feet offering maximum flexibility. For additional storage, hanging shoe pockets were added on one door, 3M Scotch Removable Utility Hooks on the other as well as more hooks on the previously unusable inside slanted wall. These hooks alone hold 10 handbags, simply come off with a tug of the tab and don't leave any holes to fill!

Not only are my clothes, shoes and accessories organized, but I even have enough room to store a 13" TV! LOVE it! I've thought about painting the inside of the closet in a pistachio green for a pop of color, but that means I'll need to paint it white again when I leave. We'll see...another project for another day (: So if you're looking to simplify and create more storage, give this closet kit a try!

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