Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Three Update

For some reason Organization has been most of the focus this past week. I've started my hallway library project and can't believe the amount of magazines that were purged! Some I've had since 1997!!! I decided to only keep those from 2005 to present, except for my beloved Victoria and Cottage Living magazines. Cottage Living is no longer in print, and Victoria was out of print for a few years, but has since come back after popular demand. By eliminating magazines prior to 2005 I was able to free up an entire bookcase!! To prevent another collection from forming, I've decided to use the "1 in - 1 out" rule. If a new magazine is brought in, an old one must go out.

This same principle is great for clothing. Overhauling my bedroom closet made this quite clear. It's so wonderful to have a visually pleasing space. Adding more clothing, accessories and shoes would clutter up the clarity, so the "1 in - 1 out" rule will work wonders in keeping this area tidy.

More work in the studio progresses. I'll post before and after shots of the process, but right now it's a mess. Things are all over the place as I'm separating everything into categories. I keep reminding myself that things didn't get messy overnight and it will take time to get things in order. I've been working in sections of the room. Once that section is taken care of, then I move on to another section. This has greatly helped to prevent overwhelm.

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