Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Office Ideas for Small Spaces

I'm in the middle of simplifying and organizing my studio...oh, the horrors! It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a smaller space! I'll be posting the before and after photos soon enough, but until then here are some great ideas that inspire me and might help you to get your office or studio organized.

If you don't have an extra room to dedicate solely to an office area, a closet is the perfect solution and can be closed up and out of sight when you're done!

A drop-leaf chest is a great way to claim work space in a small area and can be tucked into any room of the home without compromising the design.

I prefer to keep my working and sleeping areas separate, but many are faced with combining the two. I love this idea and a beautiful solution at that! The clear desk and chair set allow the work area to fade away and the colorful boxes keep supplies out of sight, yet add to the design.

Notice the baskets under the foot of the bed...I see this as a place for projects to be stored, each project owning its own basket. When you need to work on one project, simply bring it out when you're ready and then pack it away when you're done. This room is chic and fun at the same time!

We've all seen these shelving units and how they can organize a closet and add space for storage, but it's ideal for creating a work space when you only have a few feet to spare. My favorite thing is to take storage up the walls and this offers so much storage in a tiny space!

The neat thing about the shelf system option is flexibility. The white filing cabinet you see could also be placed under the worksurface to free up floor space within the room. So many options with this idea.

I hope these photos inspire you to create the perfect work space in your home or office. Simplify, organize and enjoy (:

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