Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cupcake Love - A Thank You Gift

We've all had parties or gatherings where the beloved cupcake has made an appearance. These fun, compact bites of goodness can be decorated in oh so many ways, but the challenge comes in their transportation. There are tons of containers created specifically for this purpose, but some how, some way they never quite worked for us.

Then one day I came across a blog (can't remember which one) that suggested placing the cupcakes in clear cups and plastic wrap. Why did I not think of this before?? Genius!!! Such a cute idea, so easy to transport and makes a neat little "thinking of you" gift! You can even attach a note with a special message on the stick (which also comes in handy to get the cupcake out of the cup). Can you imagine the smile on a co-worker's face if one of these little guys showed up on her desk? What about a teacher, the mailman or even the lady behind the counter at the dry cleaners? Cupcake love is a neat way to show others you care.

Several days ago our complex had the roof shingles replaced. Notices were placed around the grounds to be cautious of falling tiles and debris as we entered our common areas. My first thought? Oh, this is going to be a mess! Ten buildings, not a lot of parking and things flying off the roof? Yikes!

One by one each roof was repaired, but I noticed something very different about this job. The workers were taking great care in what they were doing. We've had many crews come in for updates and maintenance over the years, but this group was different. Shrubs and bushes were carefully draped with canvas to protect the plants, yellow caution tape surrounded the areas that might be unsafe, plywood sheets covered windows that were near "throw zones" and any time we needed to enter our apartment we were greeted with the utmost of graciousness.

But the most amazing thing came at the end of the day...you would never have known they were there! Actually, the place looked better than before! Sidewalks were swept, mulch was arranged and I swear even the pine straw looked as if someone had fluffed the needles!

The guys were here for about a week and each day their dedication showed through. We wanted to thank them somehow to let them know the hard work they gave was much appreciated. Mom suggested making cupcakes to take during their break so we asked the foreman if that would be okay. "What? You want to give us cupcakes?" He looked as if he were in shock. "Ma'am, no one has ever done this for us before. In the 15 years I've been in construction no one has ever said thank you. Thank you so much for thinking of us!"

My heart sank. No one had EVER thanked them? This simple act of thankfulness was so rarely received that the foreman wanted to take a picture of us and the crew together...holding our cupcakes (: He said our gift was so kind that he wanted to send the photo to show his boss because he would never believe him. You never know what simple cupcake love can do (:

How often do we go about our day without even considering those around us? Have we become so consumed by our own world that we've lost touch of relating to others? It's so easy to see those in a service role as just someone doing a job...maybe that's why customer service isn't the same as it used to be.

So the next time you're out and about and notice someone that needs a lift or is doing a good job, offer encouragement, give a smile...or maybe even a cupcake (:

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