Saturday, November 6, 2010

Apothecary Jars for the Holiday Table

I've been wanting to replace the fruit in our apothecary jars with beaded gourds and pumpkins to reflect the fall season but the desire for all things frugal has kept those desires at bay.  Sometimes beaded fruit can be a tad expensive and our large jars would need a good bit to fill them.

On a trip to Walmart for a few essentials I decided to peruse their sale section for any goodies that might be lurking on dusty shelves and sure enough, there they were...the very items I had in mind and they were on sale for $4 a box!  The addition of a couple of green pumpkins and a yellow gourd brought the total just under $10.  Not bad, eh?  For an added "buy me" factor the boxes came tied up in brown grosgrain ribbon and you know a frugal gal can always use ribbon (; SOLD!!

The first box included silk leaves and beaded pumpkins in two different sizes.  Close up they aren't that impressive, which is probably why they were only $4, but they'll be just fine buried among other items inside glass.

The second box contained pears, pomegranates, an apple, berries, pine cones and green leaves.  Of the two, this was my many textures and warm colors, plus these items had a realistic quality, unlike the bright orange pumpkins.

I already had quite a few large pine cones left over from previous holiday decor projects and they helped to top off the tallest jar.  Right now these filled and happy guys are just hanging out on the table waiting for their next layer of love...can we say burlap?

Some branches, leaves and candles should finish things off.  I've been pondering over place setting ideas and can't wait to see everything together!  I'll make sure to post photos of the finished product once the holiday draws near (;

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