Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cell Phones, iPhones and Texting

I went to a birthday party over the weekend and as with most birthdays, there was a flurry of activity.  Children running about, jumping inside giant bouncy houses and of course playing the ever so popular game of "catch me if you can!!"  Amongst the happy voices and screams of sheer delight I noticed a group of women sitting around one of the tables.  Normally such a thing would not catch my eye, but these women weren't chatting or even watching the children play...they were texting.  Eyes fixated on tiny screens and fingers furiously typing away...and the looks on their faces?  I call it the text glaze. 

What is so captivating about these little devices?  Why do they have such a hold on our society today...am I the only one who finds this strange? When did a chunk of plastic with wires become more important than relating to others?

Then you have the phone calls...an ever present conversation that starts in the car and continues as one rolls about doing errands with no thought given to others sharing the same space.  The clerk behind the counter or waiter in the cafe becomes an object and of course why would we communicate with an object?  Is the conversation really that important that the phone call can't wait until you're in a private space? {sigh}
When we fill our days with emails, chats, calls and texts, we miss out on those times of true connection.  Holding someone's hand, listening to a friend share her story as you look into her eyes and just being present relates to the soul in a way that no electrical gadget can. 
This journey of simplicity has opened my eyes in oh so many ways.  Clearing out the mindless minutia makes way to enjoy the abundance of grace in each moment. Little by little steps have been taken to reduce, simplify and streamline and one of the things I decided to pare down was my mobile phone.  Gone are the days of unlimited minutes, texts and web access. I have a home phone and one of those little "disposable" mobiles used only for emergencies and much to my surprise it's been a freeing experience!  If someone wants to reach me, they can call the house.  If I'm not there, they can simply leave a message. 
When did we become an all access society?  I remember the days when there weren't answering machines and we managed to make it through the day just fine.  Taking a break allows peace to move in and thankfulness to thrive.  We begin to see ourselves and others more clearly.  So as this Thanksgiving holiday approaches, try releasing some of those complexities that take you away from appreciating the moment.  You may be surprised at the peace you find (:

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