Thursday, November 4, 2010

White Dinnerware Entertaining for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and that usually means family and friends gathering around the table.  If you're anything like me, thoughts of ways to make the meal special are already roaming about which probably includes tablescape ideas. We like to keep things simple and frugal...white dinnerware, cloth napkins, natural elements and of course candles (:

White dishes and bowls give the option of switching it up every year instead of being stuck with several sets of dinnerware in various hues and patterns.  Allow your natural elements and linens to be the communicators of difference. One year the colors could be blue and chocolate and the next year green and taupe with only a minimal investment.  Napkins and cute place cards only cost a few dollars, but dinnerware can be quite a bit more. Isn't this sweet little pumpkin much more interesting than turkey printed plate? These are the pumpkin gifts I made this year for our neighbors and they also make the perfect place card.

If you really have your heart set on those new dishes with just the right pattern, think of purchasing only a few pieces to add to your white collection.  Layering the different styles can make that one little plate of color really pop!

Simplicity not only means elegance at its best, but it can be a lifesaver during our busiest times.  Why clutter the schedule with worries of fancy arrangements and endless table chachkies?  Stick with a neutral palette and then add simple touches of color.  Now, just to get those wheels turning, here's an idea for Christmas...

So, as you plan your Thanksgiving celebration celebration keep it simple and enjoy the day.  Remember...cherished moments are made in the time you spend with those you love.

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