Monday, September 10, 2012

Makeover Monday - How to Makeover Simple Candles into Something Special for Fall {Part 1}

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Can you believe Fall is almost here?!! We've been busy decorating the cottage in preparation for the season and for this Makeover Monday, thought it would be nice to celebrate by giving a little tutorial on How to Makeover Simple Candles into Something Special for Fall.

They can be lovely pillars of wax that have been sitting unsuspectingly around the house or perhaps ones that you've just picked up from the dollar store. We love to use items already on hand to see what we can come up with, so we'll be decorating a white candle found in one of our cabinets along with some other supplies from our Fall decor baskets.

Here are the supplies:
  • tall white pillar candle
  • burlap ribbon
  • twine
  • orange and white glass marbles
  • orange glass leaf embellishments
  • black metal tray
  • glue
Cut enough burlap ribbon to fit around the candle, fold the edge and glue it in place.

Next, wrap twine around the middle of the burlap and add a fall leaf detail onto the top layer of twine.

Tie off the twine at the back with a simple extra set of fingers can be handy here (;

Now place your finished project onto a candle stand and surround it with glass marbles and embellishments.  Mini pine cones would look great here too!

A few simple additions to a bland candle can really make a difference...and these were all items we had on hand! For a frugal Fall touch, search your cabinets for ribbons, embellishments and trinkets that could make a decor difference. Do you have a lovely silver charm with seasonal style sitting in your jewelry box that's not being used? Take it out, string it on some twine or ribbon and wrap it around a simple candle! When you think out of the box, the options are endless (;

Stayed tuned in the weeks ahead as we'll be doing another simple candle makeover as it gets closer to fall. So, what frugal seasonal touches are you adding to your home this Autumn?

With Gratitude,

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