Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeover Monday - How to Makeover Simple Candles into Something Special for Fall {Part 2}

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On a previous Makeover Monday, we added some spunky decor to a simple white candle in preparation for Fall. With the season now officially in full swing, we thought we'd continue our tutorial on How to Makeover Simple Candles into Something Special with another style idea.

Using what's already on hand is my specialty. After plundering the cabinets of our cozy little cottage, we collected a few things that seemed to fit the bill. Here's what we found...

  • orange pillar candle
  • burlap ribbon
  • metal candle holder
  • glue
We liked the damask pattern on the original candle wrapper so we decided to cover the commercial portion of the label with burlap ribbon and left the lovely pattern exposed.

Because the ribbon was a larger width than needed, we cut the ribbon to size and removed the wire edges.

Next we fringed the edges for a more natural look and used a pair of dull scissors to rough up the ends. Notice how the sharp scissors gave a crisp, straight cut to the top of the ribbon versus the rough cut on the bottom edge.

We then wrapped the burlap around the candle to hide the inner label and secured the ends with glue.

This little orange cutie looks just fine as is, but she seems a little bland. We found a metal holder with leaf details and liked the rustic feel it added to the design.

Much better! Doesn't she look happy (; The textures of the candle and rustic nature of the metal leaves work so well together.

Are there any simple candles in your home that could be tweaked into something special? Think outside of the box and use items that are unconventional. We were getting ready to rip off the label of our candle per habit, but loved the design of the outer edges so much that we decided to be unconventional. That gave way to the idea of incorporating the label by covering the part we didn't like so the part we did like could shine.

What frugal decor ideas have you utilized in your home this year?

With Gratitude,

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