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31 Days :: Prepare for Halloween with 24 Pumpkin Ideas - Day 11

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It's Day 11 in our 31 Days Challenge and since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it might be nice to share a little pumpkin inspiration to get you prepared for the holiday...24 pumpkin ideas to be exact (;

Growing up we always carved the traditional jack o'lantern, but there are SOOO many more options out there especially when your creativity is in play! Paint them, glitter them, decoupage them, stack them, stencil them...oh, the choices (;

I love the idea of hanging a pumpkin on the door in place of a wreath...very cute! Don't forget the raven and bittersweet!

If carving isn't your thing and you'd like something a little different, try painting! Go buggy or give animal prints a shot!

I thought this idea was adorable and very simple! Use buttons to communicate a spooky message and then top it off with coordinating ribbon.

This is a neat way to countdown the days to Halloween. Cover a pumpkin in chalkboard paint and let the kids change the numbers each day! So fun (;

Create a Welcome Wagon! Who wouldn't love to see this on trick-or-treat night?  Cluster a few pumpkins together and paint a special message to make your guests feel right at home. Include a few gourds and bittersweet for an additional fall touch.

If you love polka dots, then you'll love this simple idea from Shannon over at Madigan Made. Add vinyl stickers in different sizes and then top off your design with ribbons and tags.

Get your spook on with white boo pumpkins perched on pedestals, accented with black berries and a glittery skull (;

Have you ever heard of a pumpkin tree? Create one with an extended painted design of several pumpkins displayed on a bookshelf.

A black cat and a few rats are always a welcome sight for Halloween fun (;

For a classic or traditional touch, use your favorite font to stencil a monogram on your pumpkin.  Hop over to Leigh Anne's site for her Monogram Pumpkin Tutorial.

To carry the monogram idea even further, carve the initial of each family member onto individual pumpkins for a collective impressive glow!

Now, this has to be one of my absolute favorites!! Flaming pumpkins...yes please (;  If you don't have a working fireplace, this is warmth and fun all rolled into one!

For a big impact, use large pumpkins and carve small holes to spell out a message...

Have a favorite pattern or color? Slap it on a pumpkin for a different Halloween twist.

A pumpkin topiary is great, but what about one adorned with glitter?

If you're good at carving, vines and leaves offer a hint of glowing elegance.

I love white pumpkins because they're gorgeous in their own right. Add ribbon to the stems and maybe a custom note or message inscribed on one or two smaller pumpkins in a coordinating color.

Create your own haunted village by painting on spooky black houses...make sure to cut out the windows so they can glow when the lights are low.

Add a little sparkle to your pumpkin with gemstones.  Spider webs don't have to be creepy (;

Instead of using only large pumpkins, let mini pumpkins be the focal point of your Halloween display.

Ever wonder what to do with that empty birdbath? Add some moss, a jack o'lantern and a few mysterious ravens (; LOVE this one!!

I love the look of these glowing haunted houses.  I'm not a great carver, but the same look can be achieved with paint.  Find a silhouette you like, trace, paint and then cut out the windows.  You can find the templates here.

If you'd like even more design, Crystal from A Pumpkin and a Princess has a great tutorial on how to decoupage pumpkins with strips of your favorite fabric.

And we can't forget our pets!! This one looks exactly like our little cute!!  Masterpiece Pumpkins has this and many more.

So there you have it! Enough inspiration to get you out of that normal jack o'lantern rut. Think out of the box and don't get stuck with the same old tried and true styles.  Grow your design a little and have fun with it!

I hope you'll continue to join us for our 31 Days of Preparation journey. Make sure to come back tomorrow for inspiration on Halloween curb appeal.  Enter your email below and each post will automatically be delivered to your inbox. Don't forget to stop by the many other 31 Dayers for additional inspiration!
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