Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days :: Prepare for Halloween with Holiday Treats - Day 16

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Halloween...that time of year when the gross and the gruesome is happily embraced. I'm sure you've seen those Halloween party platters that resemble body parts or other things that we won't mention (; I've never been one to go that route for our treats...and the only reason? I have a low gag tolerance. Yes, you heard me right...low gag tolerance.

If it remotely looks, sounds, smells or feels like something gross, the heaves begin! I can't even eat and watch TV at the same time if there's a fish/ocean scene because of the texture of the fish...yes, I gag at even the idea of the texture of slimy fish. Sad, huh? So our holiday goodies are all about things natural, fun, delicious and lovely looking (;  Here are a few of our favorite tried and trues...

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